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HCA's Quality and Technology Symposium

Event Summary
   Date & Time
Start: 11/16/2017 08:30 AM ET  
End: 11/17/2017 05:00 PM ET

Crowne Plaza Hotel  
3 Executive Blvd.  
Suffern, NY 10901
T: 1-800-227-6963
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Name: Teresa Brown
Org: HCA Education and Research

388 Broadway
4th Floor
Albany, NY 12207

W: 518-426-8764
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   Event Description

To be truly effective, all health care quality programs must embrace innovative technological solutions for achieving process improvements, data sharing, and communication capabilities that drive improvements in patient care, analytics and oversight.

Health care technologies, for their part, are only useful to the extent that they support the quality of care that you deliver to patients – which is the lifeblood of your overall mission and a marker of your agency’s reputability and viability in an increasingly competitive health care marketplace.

HCA’s signature Quality and Technology Symposium, on November 16 and 17, is designed for home care clinical managers, Directors of Patient Services, quality improvement officers, and other strategic planners (including the leadership executives at your agency) who need to know the latest trends, policy developments, quality program requirements, and technological opportunity areas to fulfill your mission at this fundamental intersection of quality and technology in the home care, managed care and hospice arenas.

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Registration Choice(s)
#DescriptionUnit Price# of Participants
 1 Full Two Day Symposium HCA Members$299.00 USD
 2 Full Two Day Symposium Prospective HCA Member$429.00 USD
 3 One Day Only - November 16 HCA Member Rate$169.00 USD
 4 One Day Only - November 17 HCA Member Rate$169.00 USD
 5 One Day Only - November 16 Prospective HCA Member Rate$259.00 USD
 6 One Day Only - November 17 Prospective HCA Member Rate$259.00 USD

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