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Panorama 2017 NGC User Group

Event Summary
   Date & Time
Start: 05/17/2017 07:30 AM ET  
End: 05/18/2017 05:00 PM ET

The Ritz-Carlton  
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

UserId: NGC-Panorama
Name: Marisol Gomez
Org: NGC Software

14900 NW 79th Ct.
Suite 100
Miami Lakes, FL 33016

W: 305-556-9122
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   Event Description

Come join us for 2 days of networking, learning and some fun! If you have never been to our Panorama conference, this is the perfect time to learn new product features, updates, capabilities and discuss current issues. This event will also connect with you with other NGC customers to exchange strategies, share success stories and gain valuable insight from industry experts. Whether you are managing a current purchase, in the midst of implementation or in the go-live phases, we will have the sessions and workshops for you and your team members to participate.

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#DescriptionUnit Price# of Participants
 1 Conference Registration: 1st Attendee$895.00 USD
 2 Conference Registration: 2nd Attendee$695.00 USD
 3 Conference Registration: 3rd Attendee or More$395.00 USD

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