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Start: 09/24/2015 12:00 PM ET  
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National Black Chamber of Commerce: Membership  
4400 Jenifer St NW Suite 331  
Washington, DC 20015
T: 202-466-6888
F: 202-466-4918
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Org: National Black Chamber of Commerce

4400 Jenifer St NW Suite 331
Washington, DC 20015

F: 202-466-4918
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National Black Chamber of Commerce Membership Application

National Black Chamber of Commerce
4400 Jenifer St NW #331, Washington, DC 20015
Tel: 202-466-6888
Fax: 202-466-4918

The purpose of being a member of the National Black Chamber of Commerce is to support the National Office in the fulfillment of its mission. That mission is to economically empower and sustain African American communities through the entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States and via interaction with the Black Diaspora.

*President’s Club - For the small, well-established business desiring facilitation of introductions, high level networking and unique opportunities. Direct access to the NBCC President/CEO.

**Public Policy Council - Works with the NBCC to support positions on issues of commonality such as Energy, Environmental Protection, Taxation, Broadband Deployment, Free and Fair Trade, Economic Development in Underserved Communities, Procurement Opportunities, Capital Access, etc.

Memberships are valid for one year from date of activation.

Fill out the application forms on each screen until the process (at top of page) reaches 'Done'.

Upon application completion, a confirmation email will be sent out.

Membership Choice(s)
#DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity
 1 Government Agency$500.00 USD
 2 Annual Sales: Under $2 million$500.00 USD
 3 Annual Sales: $2 million - $4 million$1,000.00 USD
 4 Annual Sales: $4 million - $10 million$2,500.00 USD
 5 Annual Sales: $10 million - $15 million$5,000.00 USD
 6 Annual Sales: $15 - $25 million$7,500.00 USD
 7 Annual Sales: $25 million - $30 million$10,000.00 USD
 8 Annual Sales $30 million - $50 million$15,000.00 USD
 9 President's Club Membership$15,000.00 USD
 10 Public Policy Council$35,000.00 USD

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