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Tickling the Muse - 2017 Registration

Event Summary
   Date & Time
Start: 09/09/2017 09:15 AM ET  
End: 09/09/2017 04:30 PM ET

Dante Hall Theater  
14 North Mississippi Ave  
Atlantic City, NJ
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UserId: murphywriting
Name: Taylor Coyle & Amanda Murphy Kumpas
Org: Murphy Writing of Stockton University

W: 609-626-3594
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   Event Description

Murphy Writing of Stockton University Presents
Tickling the Muse
Engaging your readers with humor
Saturday, September 9, 2017, Atlantic City, NJ

Learn how to add levity to your poetry and prose to better engage your audience. This writing workshop will teach you how to perk up serious topics with a bit of humor while still respecting the nature of your subject. Smile, relax and let us help you develop stronger, more memorable pieces. Led by Peter Murphy.

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   - re-PETER Discount ($10 off) if you've attended any of our other programs
   - Stockton Discount ($40 off) for students, alumni, faculty, adjuncts or staff
   - Sorry, only one discount per person
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 2 Tuition for September 9$80.00 USD
 3 Tuition for September 9 - with re-PETER Discount (For repeat attendees)$70.00 USD
 4 Tuition for September 9 - For Stockton students, alumni, faculty, adjuncts or staff$40.00 USD

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