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SR-ASHS 2018 Annual Meeting

Event Summary
   Date & Time
Start: 02/02/2018 07:00 AM ET  
End: 02/04/2018 04:00 PM ET

Hyatt Regency Jacksonville--Riverfront  
225 E. Coastline Drive  
Jacksonville, FL 32202
T: 904-588-1234

UserId: ASHS03

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   Event Description

78th Annual Meeting
Southern Region of the American Society for Horticultural Science

• Fill out the registration forms on each screen until the progress bar (at top of page) reaches 'Done'.
• Upon registration completion, a confirmation email will be sent out.
Only credit cards will be accepted for online preregistration. If paying by check, please download the registration form from the SR-ASHS website ( or use the form in the Preconference Newsletter.
You may register more than one person per transaction. You will be prompted to assign the appropriate category for each individual. If registering more than one person, you MUST include their name and contact information or they will NOT be officially registered.

Registration Choice(s)
#DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity
 1 Regular (Member, Faculty, Professional, Commercial)$110.00 USD
 2 Graduate Student$40.00 USD
 3 Undergraduate Student$20.00 USD
 4 ACB Club Dues and Registration$20.00 USD

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