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Exhibitor Registration: 2018 GA Pecan Growers Association Conference

Event Summary
   Date & Time
Start: 03/26/2018 08:00 AM ET  
End: 03/28/2018 05:00 PM ET

UGA Conference Center Tifton Campus  
15 RDC RD  
Tifton, GA 31793

UserId: georgiapecan
Name: Samantha McLeod
Org: Georgia Pecan Growers Association, Inc

220 E 2nd Street
Ste # A
Tifton, GA 31794

W: 229-382-2187
Contact the coordinator
   Event Description

Exhibitor Registration Process

Display Booth Exhibitor
• Display booths will be assigned by GPGA personnel
• Each booth space is 10’ x 8’ (comes with 6’ table & 2 chairs)
• Table skirting and exhibit booth draping are included.
• Cost = $300 per space.

Large Equipment Exhibitor
• Booth locations will be assigned on setup day. Spaces are located in conference center.
• Each booth space is 10’ x 20’ (comes with 6’ table & 2 chairs)
• Cost = $275 per space (with each additional space $175).

If you want to attend the show but not exhibit, you can choose the Commercial Attendee (entry only) registration choice to purchase entry at $50 per person.

• Fill out the registration forms on each screen until the progress bar (at top of page) reaches 'Done'.
• Upon registration completion, a confirmation email will be sent out.

Please submit a separate registration for each exhibiting company.

Registration Choice(s)

 Booth Fees & Additional Options
#DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity
  Display Booth Rental Fee (10' x 8')$300.00 USD
  Large Equipment Booth Rental Fee (10’ X 20’)$275.00 USD
  Additional Large Equipment Booth (10’ X 20’) ($ 175 each)$175.00 USD
  Additional Chairs ($5 each)$5.00 USD
  Standard Electrical Outlet (120 volt)$30.00 USD
  Additional Registration/Luncheon Tickets$35.00 USD
  Commercial Attendee (Entry Only)$50.00 USD

 Meal Sponsorship Opportunities
#DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity
  Meal Sponsorship ($500 Level)$500.00 USD
  Meal Sponsorship ($250 Level)$250.00 USD

 Membership Options
#DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity
  Commercial Membership$100.00 USD

 Raffle Tickets
#DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity
  GPGA Fund Raiser - RAFFLE TICKETS - ONLY 500 SOLD$100.00 USD

 Donation Opportunities
#DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity
  Silent Auction Donation--Please contact GPGA office$0.00 USD
  Door Prize-Please contact GPGA office$0.00 USD

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